01 May, 2015
D'Addario Woodwinds Artist.

Having spent time with the wonderful development team in Burbank, California, I am delighted to have become a D'Addario Woodwind Artist.

18 April, 2015
Ghent Clarinet Competition

The Ghent Clarinet Competition 2015 heard 78 players from 29 countries.

The jury was:

Eddy Vanoosthuyse, Andrew Marriner, Calogero Palermo, Marc Kerckhof, Evgeny Petrov, Philippe Cuper, Jean-Luc Votano, Juan Ferrer, Valdemar Rodriguez, Masaharu Yamamoto, Seiki Shinohe, Eli Eban, Luis Rossi, Gunther Broucke and Pascal Moragues (not in picture).

12 June, 2014
Mallorca Summer Academy

Return visit to Alcudia,a programme of classes and performance, scholarships available. September 11-14 2014

Alcudia Festival

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